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1 Click Life Insurance is dedicated to providing you with the very best UK Life Insurance policy at the best price. Our simple and quick Life Insurance Quote service is designed to gather your insurance requirements and connect you with a qualified FCA regulated advisor. 

Your quote will allow you to calculate whether this is the best, affordable option for you or your family. All the relevant policy details will be provided so you can make an informed choice.  


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We Search Top Trusted Insurance Companies For You

1clicklifeinsurance.co.uk is an independent Life Insurance website owned and operated by Identicom Digital S.L. No advice is provided but we refer you to our trusted partners who search the market to find you the best Life Insurance quote. The brokers will search the market on your behalf across hundreds of suppliers and ensure the quote matches your personal circumstances. The independent advisors that we refer you too are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We recommend that you also seek independent advice from your IFA. Identicom Digital S.L. is registered with the ICO. No:ZA108868

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